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5 Easy and Quick Ways to Improve your Credit Score

5 Easy and Quick Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Your Credit Score is one of your biggest financial assets. If your credit score is high, your borrowing rates will be low and therefore save you hundreds of dollars. The big mystery is how to maintain a high credit score. Well if you want to either maintain or repair your credit score, you are in luck, it can take as little as two months to raise your credit rating.

Your credit score is based on a few prime factors, there is no particular order in which I will discuss them (Some of them have higher weights in regards to the score). Repayment history, current debt owed, recent credit checks, and registered income (there are other factors as well). In order to repair or raise your score you may follow a few of the steps provided below.

1.) Pay off all revolving credit cards. Revolving credit cards are like Discover card or any other monthly credit cards. Even though you might pay before the deadline, credit card companies report the debt owed on a monthly basis which may be before the deadline. On your credit score it will not show as bad debt, but it will decrease your overall score. The standard recommendations are as follows. If you have one credit card, pay it off before the months end. Second, if you have two credit cards, pay the minimum on both of them and work on paying in full one of them first.

2.) Registered Income. This is your official salary from work. Basically the numbers they crunch are matched with what you earn. If you debt is larger than what you earn, your credit score is lowered. So, if you are an independent contractor or your income is just a little too low get a part time job. This will rise your potential earnings and increase your ability to repay your debt and therefore increase your credit score.

3.) Check your credit score online with one of the official companies to see what or why your credit score is the level it is. This will help you determine what you can really do to increase your credit score.

4.) Do not apply for every car, credit card, and home that you are looking at as an eager consumer. Because every time you try to purchase a home, car, or get a new credit card your credit score is checked and the crediting agencies lower your score if you have had two or three credit checks withing a few months of each other.

5.) Lastly, open a savings account and budget your money accordingly that you will always have extra cash to help in times of need.

Protect your credit score because it can mean everything when buying a home or trying to get some capital for whatever purpose you need it for. It is not hard to raise your credit score, it is hard to maintain it. If you can purchase a credit score monitoring service, it will protect you from fraud and help inform you of ways to increase your credit score when needed.

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Airline Credit Card Tips for Getting the Most Miles

Airline Credit Card - Tips for Getting the Most Miles

Travel is one of the most popular ways to spend your down time. With travel agencies online and easier methods of booking flights and hotel rooms, travel is the choice for weekends and vacations of all sorts. And airline credit cards make travel available to all, whether you have a travel budget or not. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your airline credit card.

What Is an Airline Credit Card?

When you apply for a credit card online or at your banking institution, you have the option in many cases of applying for an airline card. These cards work just like rewards cards do in that they offer you something back for every dollar you spend. Most airline cards offer you one mile in the sky for each dollar you spend.

This means that if you spend five hundred dollars on your credit card each month, you could earn five hundred airline miles with that particular airline. This could come in handy when traveling with your family or on business. Some airline credit cards offer different ratios of rewards so be sure that you read the fine print to find out how much you have to spend to get the miles you need.


Many airline credit cards come with restrictions on how you can use your miles. For example, you may need to acquire a certain number of miles before you can redeem them for an actual plane ticket. Other airline cards make you use your miles only on certain days or during certain times of the year. It is vital that you check out the contract for your credit card to be sure what these restrictions are. Another airline card might actually offer you more miles for shopping with specific merchants that the financial institution partners with for this purpose. Check the rewards program details for information on promotions of this kind.

Tricks to Getting the Most Miles

Many airline cards will give you bonus miles for using the card at specific merchants, so the easiest way to earn more miles quicker is to do your shopping with these select merchants. Another way to earn more miles is by using your airline card for your everyday shopping, such as grocery shopping, pharmacy needs, or even online bill paying. Be sure that the financial institution that issued your card rewards miles for the ways you want to use your card.

Check Out the Airline

Overall, airline credit cards are a wonderful way to earn a free vacation for you or for your family. However, in these unstable times, be sure that you check out the financial stability of the company you want to earn miles with. Remember that if you earn miles with a company that goes bankrupt, you may be able to transfer your miles and you may not. If you are able to transfer them, it could take months for the transfer to go through. So check out your airline as well as your airline card.